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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A verification of spatio-temporal monsoon rainfall variability across Indian region using NWP model outputRanade A; Mitra AK; Singh N ; Basu S
2014An early South Asian dust storm during March 2012 and its impacts on Indian Himalayan foothills: A case studySrivastava AK; Soni VK; Singh S; Kanawade VP; Singh N ; Tiwari S; Attri SD
2007Atmospheric subsidence and the surface temperature variability in the pre-monsoon month over a semi-arid north Peninsular Indian station: A case studyDeshpande SM; Kulkarni JR; Joshi RR; Singh N ; Damle SH; Pant GB 
2017Chemical characterization of rainwater at a high-altitude site Nainital in the central Himalayas, IndiaBisht DS; Srivastava AK; Joshi H ; Ram K; Singh N ; Naja M; Srivastava MK; Tiwari S
1993Construction of all-India summer monsoon rainfall series for the period : 1844-1991Sontakke NA ; Pant GB ; Singh N 
1988Decreasing trend in the rainfall of KeralaSoman MK; Krishna KK ; Singh N 
2013Detection of long range transport of aerosols with elevated layers over high altitude station in the central Himalayas: A case study on 22 and 24 March 2012 at ARIES, NainitalSolanki R ; Singh N ; Pant P; Dumka UC; Bhavani Kumar Y ; Srivastava AK; Bist S ; Chandola HC 
1991Distribution and long-term features of the spatial variations of the moisture regions over IndiaSingh N ; Pant GB ; Mulye SS
1990EV1 distribution for modelling extreme rain events at BombaySingh N ; Kumar KK; Abraham O 
1984Fluctuations of different moisture regimes in IndiaSingh N 
1988Hydroclimatic fluctuations of the Upper Narmada catchment and its association with break-monsoon days over IndiaSingh N ; Soman MK; Kumar KK
2008Instrumental period rainfall series of the Indian region (AD 1813-2005): Revised reconstruction, update and analysisSontakke NA ; Singh N ; Singh HN 
2014Large-scale and spatio-temporal extreme rain events over India: a hydrometeorological studyRanade A; Singh N 
2014Large-scale and spatio-temporal extreme rain events over India: A hydrometeorological studyRanade A; Singh N 
1995Large-scale interannual variation of the summer monsoon over India and its empirical predictionSingh N 
1989Long-term changes in the rainfall processes over KeralaSingh N ; Kumar KK; Soman MK
2009Monitoring large-scale rainfall variations across IndiaSingh HN ; Singh N ; Sontakke NA 
2010Monitoring physiographic rainfall variation for sustainable management of water bodies in IndiaSontakke NA ; Singh HN ; Singh N 
2002On climatic fluctuations and environmental changes of the Indo-Gangetic Plains, IndiaSingh N ; Sontakke NA 
1986On the duration of the rainy season over different parts of IndiaSingh N